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G PRO Drinkable

What it Does:

💡 Sharper Memory: G Pro supports memory and cognitive function.

🧠 Focused Mind: Enhance your concentration and focus with G Pro.

😌 Anxiety and Depression Relief: G Pro may reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

🌿 Antioxidant Protection: It provides defense against free radical damage.

How it works:

🌿 Ginkgo Leaf Extract: G Pro harnesses the power of ginkgo leaf extract, promoting dietary support for various conditions like anxiety, dementia, eye problems, and peripheral artery disease.

🌱 Ginseng's Boost: G Pro utilizes ginseng to improve overall health. It's renowned for strengthening the immune system and combatting stress and disease.


1 drinkable ampule a day after meal.

2 drinkable ampules for person suffering from any brain disfunction.

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